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Mèssajos de la senana passâe – 2010-03-22

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2 commentaires pour “Mèssajos de la senana passâe – 2010-03-22
  1. apaulyn dit :

    why not a referendum in vaud, valais, jura etc , in each canton , or in a federallevel, to support the dialects of switzerl. and to make compulsory to the governemts, and to the schools, support the dialects, why not to make compulsory to the schools the offer of courses in these languages , , but facultatif to the people .

    • Dzakye dit :

      Hello apaunyn!
      Thank you for your comment!
      You are certainly right; we should take action politically, at least in the counties where the language is still largely spoken. The problem is that the cultural consciousness is not really ripe. Many people are not persuaded that these old languages are worth preserving. In the modern standardising world all that counts is efficiency, usefulness and not ‘culture’, ‘patrimony’.
      Stressing that traditional languages are important to save is not part of any political party. If you stress that traditional knowledge is worth keeping you may sound backwards-minded…
      Everybody knows it is important to know who we are in order to head for a happy future. Cultivating the wisdom and the knowledge coming from the past does not mean being narrow-minded or intolerant towards other cultures. But this is a thought and a conviction which still needs to ripen.
      There are some initiatives in Valais about teaching facultative courses of ‘arpitan’ (or ‘patois’ or ‘francoprovencal’). In Nendaz, they managed to organise it on a regular basis. In Savièse, some readiness exists but someone has to push it all forward. I could do it since I know the headmaster of the secondary school there. But actually, since a member of the ‘society of old costumes and of patois’ is ready to give these lessons, that society should take the steps to suggest this.
      Anyway, thank you for your encouragements. We will see what we can do. We would actually need some publicist to help us promote that idea that our traditional languages really have to be preserved. That this is really important.

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